Finalist International Latino Book Awards 2018

Mexamérica: Una cultura naciendo… is a selection of essays, chronicles and interviews that where published over the last decade in the magazines and newspapers Nexos, Letras Libres, Emeequis, Día Siete, Proceso, Confabulario, Milenio and Reforma.

By profiling Mexican-American artists, activists, scientists, politicians and businessmen, and narrating their social, political and cultural landscapes, Mexamérica: Una cultura naciendo…reveals that the Mexican-American community, the longest and largest diaspora on the planet, is a diverse and multifaceted community, no longer purely Mexican and not purely American, with illustrious characters and their own art and culture. A community where indeed a new culture – the Mexican-American culture – is being born …

The book is divided into 5 chapters:

– Portraits of immigrants drawn in the arts
– The political and social context in which Mexican-Americans live (including a section dedicated to the border, another to the New York Mexican-American phenomenon, another to Chicago and one to Los Angeles)

– Mexican artists who have made their mark in the United States
– Remarkable Mexicans

– and finally, Spanish in the United States.